In the beginning there was the million.

Now it's the time for our own Magic Million Project.
Closest many of us get to the Magic Million. Full story on The Magic Million. Here

Video overview

Did you know?     There are one man band Internet sites earning $10,000 per day.      Learn more here.

How big would you like your piece of that pie to be?

The Magic Million is a collaboration of the best possibility focused brains in the world, whose only objective is to drive a million visitors to our jointly owned WWW site, every day.       How would that look on your "About us" page?      Many of these visitors will leave warm spendable cash behind.

Lets's put on our thinking caps and create The George Forman Grill, Popeil Rotisserie, The Video Professor, apple pie, motherhood, Chevrolet, The Energizer Bunny and Ronald MacDonald rolled into one. ( Some names used may be the property of their respective owners ).


The Who? If youíre a possibility thinker with unique talent, who can become excited about a concept and will invest the necessary energy for itís success.       We may be a fit.


The Why? Because a single strand wafting in the breeze canít accomplish much but weave a few strands together and youíll now have a hawser strong enough to haul loaded cruise liners around the world.     ( And I like the comfort of big ships.       How about you?).

Put another way:   A single horse can pull several thousand pounds. Two horses of equal size can pull nearly 4 times that.      A hundred horses would be unstoppable!    Resource Here

The How? Create so much buzz world wide, that broadcasting networks are begging us to appear on their shows.


WIIFM Department:

    1. Each participant will be listed in the credits.
    2. Each participant will be entitled to a graphic linked to their specified site.
    3. Participants are entitled to his portion of the escrowed revenues generated.
    4. Upon successful completion of the project; Youíll have an "About Us" page that screams: "These folks are winners"


What will it cost me? Youíll be expected to cheerfully donate skills that have taken you a life-time to develop and not be directly paid a dime.


Top skills needed.



Copy writers.

Graphic design.

P.R. Contacts.

Marketing Wizards.

International radio & TV production contacts.

Video production facilities.

Script writers for radio & TV production.


Search engine optimization.

Product ideas.

What's our product?       None currently selected.     There are appealing products and/or services everywhere!      (Heck! Even old shrivelled up dandelion leaves can be marketed with the right packaging).


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It's Teddy Towncrier that's having this hallucination:   Ted's Bio HERE

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