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Towncrier's Communications portal.

We're fanatical about customer pampering and taking care of our friends.     We created this portal to make it easy for clients and friends to speedily and securely contact us wherever in the world either of us are currently located.    My telephone rings on my laptop.   More Here ...

PRIVACY IS PROTECTED:   While each of the graphics below will directly connect us;   Neither of us can easily be traced to current locations.

Lady executives in particular, find this unique security feature especially comforting and are increasingly embracing portals for displaying contact info published on the internet.

Each of the graphics below enables you to contact us in several ways including face to face communication.     To save this portal for future convenience   Click Here
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Tel:   Canada: 289-633-6010    USA:  E. Coast. 305-615-5530    W. Coast 209-729-5091   UK: (0)702 409 8254

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