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My only job is to help you harness today's dirt cheap technology to stake out your patch of cyberspace and join other savvy business folks who are silently skimming the cream and romping home to victory by using this easy to use technology.

I want to show you how to simple it is to include this powerful arsenal in your marketing army and build your own incredible marketing machine.

A treasure chest of crafty ideas for your marketing army.  

Nobody protects your property like a Kranky Komodo:

Become a broadcaster.
Star in your own WebTV cast

Use your computer to become your own legal telephone company and save $1,000 year after year after yearA showcase for the skipper who though he had all the toys. SkipperNation_1.jpg
Concierge freedom services for captains on the move.
Report.  Starnglers lurking in your business.
Click Here to speak directly with http://towncrierbroadcasting.comDon't toss out your surplus produce from your garden. We'll welcome your surplus produce!

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