Computer Confused?

Use my 25 years experience to help you sweep away the cobwebs & gently guide you to proficiency.

Knowing how to explore your Internet opens a new universe and will enhance your life beyond your wildest imagination.

As with any journey, there are potholes along the way and knowing where they are lurking, keeps you safe and makes life so much sweeter.

You'll learn:

Avoid scrambling your machine. The correct way to turn your machine on & off & why you should not just turn off or unplug.

The difference between the browser bar and the search bar.

When seeking info: Which search engine to use and why the most famous one isn't really the best.

5 Must have, simple keyboard shortcuts that will make your life so much easier.

How to find exactly the answers you need without being overwhelmed with 5 million useless listings.

There are highwaymen along the Information Highway. .... You'll learn how to spot and avoid them.

How to auto-lock your machine to avoid prying eyes.

Which Browser, eMail & Messaging apps to use for best privacy & avoid having your work & images 'Sniffed', stolen and sold.

What your eMail address says about you and how to obtain one thats classy & easy to remember.

How to browse anonymously and keep your adventures private.

Easily become your own telephone company and make worldwide video calls, for pennies and even for free.

Here's how to get in touch and we'll soon have you enjoying your new adventure withhout tearing out your hair.     Your Toronto area home or office.

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Stop shovelling your money to the Greedy Cell Companies and join the hundreds of thousands of Canadians ( 6.4 Million Americans) who are already enjoying Free Cell Service.  

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