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Bright ideas from  It's reality check time.

Your WWW Site is a banquet for stalkers!

If you are publishing any contact information anywhere on the net;   You have rolled out the red carpet for the predators.

When browsing someone's web page or profile;   I'll click down from links they've displayed and soon addresses and telephone numbers show up.    Simply by inserting your telephone number in a Google search bar;   Your address can be displayed within seconds.

Here's your early warning alert!    Using a combination of reverse telephone lookup and an on-line map service, a predator can soon be harvesting your personal information, use it to steal your identity or show up outside your door anytime they wish.

I can hear you saying ... but Teddy I'm investing a fortune to get my phone to ring and people need to know how to contact me!     Undeniable!    and I'll move heaven and earth to help you double the number of incoming enquiries but let's be careful to whom we fling open our door and how we do it

There's a war out there.    Here's a few ideas to help you avoid the craters.

eMail addresses: Have your favourite geek code your pages so that your 'Write Me' links are still clickable but not harvestable by the spiders.    Install a form that doesn't display or have access to your complete address in order to write to you.    (This isn't brain surgery and any competent designer should be able to do it in a few minutes).

Telephone numbers are available which can terminate locally or in another state or country but ring on your desk and they aren't listed in directories.    (I love these numbers because I can be anywhere on the planet and still answer my telephone without any fuss or fiddle).

Domain names. A quick Whois search will frequently display who owns a domain, complete with address and telephone number.    Use a registrar who provides an anonymous registration service.

An unpleasant surprise.     Recently I clicked on a link while performing maintainance and was shocked to discover all my details on the screen including a map location.    The predators know this trick.    It may be time to seriously consider taking steps to 'bury' some of your precise details.

Use Skype, Yahoo, MSN Messenger etc. These permit you to create an attractive button which allows visitors to immediately contact you at the height of their interest and link directly to your desk.   Use a loud distinctive ring for each service and you'll know which line to 'pick up'.

Links to all these functions can be attractively displayed from your "Contact Us" link.

When all your contact information is in one place;   The big bonus is:   You'll only have one page to be concerned about when changes to your contact details are needed,    (I may even include a welcoming video on mine, some time soon).

This isn't rocket science but rather being available at the height of your visitors' interest while protecting yourself and staying safe.

Take a look at how we did it and if you need assistance;   Please feel free to get in touch.

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Yours for serenity.

Teddy Towncrier CPP Supercharging Your Visions.

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