Teddy Towncrier's quickstart guide to jump starting your Twitter.

1. Create an account at http://twitter.com

2. Follow Teddytowncrier   Click Here

3. Login to http://twitter.com/Teddytowncrier/followers

4. A list of Followers is displayed.   Click on the 'follow' icon for as many people you can.

See:  How does an extra 3,000 Twitter followers sound to you?

Having a good looking profile that reflects your focus and personality works wonders for attracting Followers. ..... Expect approximately 30% of the people you follow to reciprocate.  See "The importance of your Twitter Profile"  Click Here

I developed a Friendforce of 1,000 plus in just over a week.

When you Retweet (AKA "RT" ). a couple of posts every day .... You'll discover that your posts are being retweeted and your Friendforce will grow without effort from you.  See: "Donít miss out on the magic of Retweeting." Click Here

Welcome to Twitter!

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